Beauty Tips From The Other Side Of The World

All Natural Beauty Treaments[/caption] All Natural Beauty Treaments[/caption]All Natural Beauty TreamentsGreat Beauty Tips From Other Woman. These are very affordable and you might even find some of them in your kitchen today!



Asian women have been known to have flawless skin… And rightly so. Going back thousands and thousands of years, Asian women have gone to great lengths to ensure that they’re skin is perfect. From milk baths, to detoxing teas and applying face cream with a patting motion. This week I went on a quick trip around Asia, from the comfort of my room and I discovered so many amazing things. It is no wonder that these ladies have known all about BB Creams for so long!


Underlying beauty for most Asian women is detoxing. The whole feeling good inside to look good outside phenomena is very true in Asia. 


Warm drinks v Cold drinks

Asian women are firm believers in drinking minimal cold drinks or anything cold, according to them, these drinks travel through your body solidifying the fats from food, making it harder for your…

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Being In The Middle Of The Sandwich


The other night as I drove my oldest daughter to meet her boyfriend for a “date”. I had the startling realization, I have begun a new chapter in my life.  Just this week I got news from that one of my dad’s routine medical test results warrants a closer look.  This has weighted heavy on my mind.  I am trying not worry, as it could be nothing at all.  I have always been so grateful that my parents at age 68 have been in relatively good health and remain so very active.  As a matter of fact, my dad still works out most days lifting weights and doing like cardio.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in and take care of nearly eighth acres of land, with includes a rather large garden. As I watch friends parents pass away, I am so grateful mine are doing well.  In the back of my mind, I always knew one day that would have to come to an end.  But I tried never to focus on it, because for the moment all was well.  So with news of a questionable test result it got my mind racing.

I started thinking of all the practical issues.  All the issues that go alone with parents that are aging.  After all my own parents taught me how you care for parents as they age.  My own grandmothers were cared for well by my parents.  Along with all that, the most troubling realization was my parents will not be around forever.  At age 44, I still count on my parents like I did when I was ten.  I can’t imagine life without them. 

So as I happily drove my daughter to yet another one of her firsts in life, I realized I have finally reached the age of being sandwiched in the middle of two generations.  I am caring for my growing children and find myself more concerned with how my parents are doing.  And if you are lucky, you do make it to being in the middle of two generations. It means you have the privilege of caring for your parents. Some of my friends will never experience that, because they have said good-bye already.

Starbuck’s Unveiled: Green Tea Secret

green teaWow, very interesting. I never heard of this before and I am very anxious to try it. I drink a lot of green tea. I like it and it is very good for you. I love Starbuck’s for my coffee addiction, but now I am completely obsessed with trying this!

Evelina Galli

So I took my own advice and “Sailed Away” like Columbus discovering America and on my voyage I accidentally stumbled upon a true treasure!

I have spent many years searching in vain for this priceless gem. I have looked high and low, in ever shadowy gourmet shop and every well-lit grocery store shelf and had no idea, that all along, it has been hiding in plain view at our local Starbucks!

Growing up with parents who were “slightly “ obsessed with Japanese culture, I recall watching many Japanese movies in which tea ceremonies were revered almost as much as the Pope himself. They were so important that if someone stole the secrets of the ceremony they would not be tried or convicted. The Japanese viewed the crime as so severe that the only punishment was death!

Very dramatic I must say!


The tea was always made from a mysterious…

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My Favorite Beauty Treatment


My Favorite Beauty Treatment

I recently started using Retin A cream.  In less than two months I have seen remarkable results.  Some deep-set wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes have faded.  I carefully began applying it underneath my eyes with amazing results in about three weeks.  The above link, I feel gives great information on why this product works so well, how to use it and what to expect.  I also experienced my pores shrinking and becoming unblocked.  I do feel Retin A cream turns back the hands of time. With the use of an all nature skin care system and pure make up, my skin looks the best it ever has in my life.

Pretty Little Celiac

Gluten Free

Pretty Little Celiac

This is a great resource site for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  Rebecca Black is also a personal trainer, a gym owner in the Columbus, OH area and a fitness competitor.  She understands the challenges of gluten intolerance and the connection to fitness.