The Battle Within The Girl

Being from a good ethnic family, well, we love our food.  So the battle to be lean has never been one I felt I have won.  I have been every size from 0 to 15. I am currently a size O.  If you ask anyone that knows me they will say I am tiny, yet the chubby little girl still rules in my head.  And before you suggest I talk to a therapist about this very issue, in my defense, I had a good reason.  Before I discovered I could not eat wheat and gluten my body would not shed weight.  I am a tiny woman today because I have finally figure out what my body needs to be healthy.  I am a fitness freak. After countless 5K races and several half marathons, I have moved to bodybuilding.  I have a great passion for healthy living. I struggle to control the fat girl screaming to be set free in me. She is not kind. She is full of self-doubt and she sees flaws that do not exist.  In spite of what that mean girl says I have found a love in being fit and working out.  There is so many more reasons to get moving and fit than losing weight.  I have found a strength in me that I never knew existed and as for that therapy……… workouts are my therapy! Off to the gym I go. 

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