Diggin Deep/ Learning To Be Grateful

graditudeAfter finishing the grueling task of cutting yet more from the family budget I am struggling with being grateful. Because we deciding 13 years ago I would leave my career as a music teacher to be a stay at home mom our budget has been, let’s say, a creative endeavor. With pay freezes, more costs for health insurance, and 10% retirement contribution, my husband’s net income has not kept up with costs of a family of four. Then add in the need for a new car, ok, his car did just stop running in mid travel on RT 315 at evening rush. Luckily he was able to roll into a driveway before it just stopped, we had to have a new car. Add in some medical bills to this and it has resulted into the most creative I have ever had to be with our budget. You are probably asking, why I don’t just get a job. Well, of course, I have an answer for that.
There are some good reasons for me to not get a full-time job. But I am not going to bore you with that now. This is about finding gratitude in what you have. 🙂 It has been a weekend discussion, and I do believe I have it figured out. Late last night, I was sitting in my kitchen, on the window seat, finishing yet the millionth conversation of why our generation has been screwed out of the american dream. I stopped as I stared at two bowls on the counter filled with fresh fruit. I realize at that very moment this is not really a problem. I have not one, but two bowls filled with fruit. I walked in the dining room and saw $25.00 cash on the table. A gift given to my girls from my parents that day. The house was warm and cozy on a brisk winter night. My children were sleeping soundly, happy and healthy. Our bills are all paid. We have no debt. So I have to shop a little smarter, really watch every penny. As much as I curse the 10% retirement contribution our future is sound. Is this what I pictured my life would be at 44 years old. No, it is not what I pictured. In many ways it is much, much, better. Dig deep for the graditude. It is so worth it.

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