When I Talk To Myself. I Blame The Kids.


I find myself doing a very strange thing in the past year.  I talk to myself and it bothers me. It is not just at home. I am mumbling in the store. I am discussing quantities, recipes and prices with myself. I am blogging and I am chattering away.  I am grumbling as I pick up after my lovely, but very messy children.  Then all of a sudden I stop, look around and think who the hell am I talking to right now? 

I did not do this when I was younger.  I think it started when the kids were toddlers. I would push them around in carts and strollers talking. They would just stare at me as I sang, and babbled on and on.  Well, it was what a good parent does. One must develop those verbal skills.  It worked as my children are very verbal. Both are great readers, writers and communicators.  There is only one small problem, I am still talking away and now no one is there. 

The people around me at Meijer’s and Wal-Mart are very kind.  They never say a word. They pretend they don’t hear me.  And once a very kind older woman was smiling. She comforted me and said she understood.  I try to explain my theory as to why I was discussing how much yardage of tulle to buy. You see it is to make some bows and………. Oh dear Lord, I am the person I laughed at when I was young.  No one really cares, but I feel I must explain.  I was not like this always. It’s the kids. I tell you the kids did it.

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