This is a great one. Very funny!

A Mom and a Microphone


FACT: Moms love their children.

Who else would tolerate this high-stress job which requires patience we don’t have and delivers no paycheck every 2 weeks? Yet, we mothers also know when to keep the peace. We’ve learned it is way easier to tell a little white lie than to listen to our kids melt down in the middle of Target.

And we ALL do it.

If you recognize any of the following peace-keeping mistruths, then you’re one of us: Moms who lie to their kids for good reason. And don’t feel bad. Those who say they don’t are still lying. Which still makes them Moms who lie. Welcome to the club.

1. No, I didn’t throw your school artwork away. Yes, I keep EVERY SINGLE ONE. *wink wink* Truth is, moms keep some for your childhood memory box, and hide the others in the trash by burying them under last…

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