Your Body Never Tells A Lie.

Your Body Never Lies

Your body is walking evidence of all you do.  You can pretend no one knows about the box of thin mints you finished in one sitting, but your body will record it for you and show everyone.  That is the downside of your, oh so, honest body.  But if you start to embrace the truth, seeing your body as your compass and a loyal friend, it will save your life.   

My body really started to talk to me years ago when I began my life as a runner.  As a runner, your choice is puke your guts out, poop and pee your pants or start listening.  That was what my first run was like years ago.  It took me 45 minutes to run two miles. Whatever made me decide to ever do it again I don’t know. But I did and I never have had a miserable run like that again. It was also the run that keeps me from ever stopping.  As I mastered mile after mile, 5-K after 5-K and finally several half marathons, I learned my body talks to me.  That dialogy reaches beyond my pavement too. 

In every aspect of life your faithful friend whispers what you are doing well and what needs attention.  Did you get enough rest? Did you eat well? How is your stress level? Now, as any good friend, your body won’t leave or abandon you when you ignore it’s good advice, but eventually not heeding its messages can become serious.  Sometimes, she will scream loudly and break down. Sometimes, she will be more suble with a soft whisper of an ache in the pit of your stomach when she knows something just isn’t right. 

I have learned my body’s vibes so well that I can be at home and tell if a workout is something my body can handle without lifting a weight to decide.  I had the flu this past week. I knew exaclty what kind of energy I need for a day of strength training and cardio. I know my present state and I know how that 70lbs feel when I am doing a lat pull down. Nope, my body can’t do it today.  Now, it has taken years of painful lessons from my loving companion to understand how this works. There were many days I finished a run walking. There were many days I end up in bed, after thinking I could manage a full load.  

I guess being middle age has some down sides. I have not experienced any.  What I have experienced is the wisdom of years of living.  Now when I am sick I rest. When I am stressed I relax. When I am tired I sleep.  I don’t care what others think. My body tells me so and truly she is the boss of me.     

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