I find this blog really interesting. It is a blog of a Canadian woman and her international and local exploration. I am seeing photos and learning of place I know very little about in her posts. Her phots are interesting and cool.

Habitual Runaway Tours

Grey Long Beach

Expansive Long Beach near Tofino, the longest stretch of surf sand on Vancouver Islands west coast, is a scenic year round destination perfect for surfing, boogie and skim boarding, kayaking, dog walking, picnicking and storm watching.

It is suggested that you wade in protected shallow areas only. There are no guards on duty at any time, and as the sign says, there are dangerous currents at Long Beach.

Dangerous Currents at Long Beach

On my first visit in 1994, with my infant child, it was foggy – even more so than on this day. The tide was extremely low – the sand seemed to stretch out into the ocean for miles.

I decided to carry my baby out into the fog, thinking it would be nice to put my foot in the ocean water, if I could find it (idiotic!).

It was grey, the fog was low and heavy, and before long I could…

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