Habitual Runaway Tours

o'Briens Tower

We were full of food and ready for the epic 15 km return trip walk to the outer reaches of the Cliffs of Moher. I have been asked if there is a way to get a taxi back or a bus – NO.

Simply put, no. There are no roads down toward the end of the Mohers reach – farmland only. And as the sign points out, they would rather you NOT walk to the end and chance being blown off the cliff edge.

When I asked security (on my first visit) if they would stop me if I passed the warning sign, he replied to me (in an unintelligibly glorious accent);

“Nooo, aye love, that is between YOO and yer GAAAWD”

I was shocked by the narrow pathway we were to walk. No more than a foot or two wide in most areas, dirt (which equals mud…

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