What I Learned For The Adult Entertainment Industry. It’s Not What You Think!

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Recently, I saw a blog a friend posted regarding porn stats.  Don’t judge, you would look too, it is human nature to be a little curious. As I scanned the interesting facts about the industry that sells sex a couple of stats stood out.  The average female porn stars’ body measurements were given.  As I read, I thought there is something very familar about these numbers. Wait a minute, these are my numbers or close to them.  The average female porn start is 5’5, 117lbs, 34-24-34 and a bust measurement of 34 B. This was very shocking for several reasons. One being, I have never had the measurments of any kind of star, never mind one that is naked all the time!  But the other surprising fact was the standard of beauty in the porn business is not the same standards women are sold by the beauty and fashion industries.  So what gives?

Over the decades, the standard of beauty in our society has changed. From Marilyn Monoe, the icon of female beauty, to the 1990’s waffy, herione addict look, the fashion and cosmetic industry in our culture dictate to our female population the guides to what they should aspire to look like at any given time.  Unfortnately, some of the looks of beauty are not only nearly impossible to obtain, but some trends are down right dangerous. 




I have to believe the porn industry, like any other multi-million dollar business, is doing research to know their customer base. Their customer base is mostly men. So am I understanding that what men find attractive are 5’5 woman, with size B cups breasts, that weight 117lbs? Because honestly, for a woman that height, that is all a very healthy size. What I am hearing is men like women that they could actually find walking down the street in your home town. I feel somewhat tricked. I thought all these years if I could only look like those women in the media. If I could grow 3 inches, lose 10lbs, then I, too, could be an icon of beauty. I feel betrayed. Since I was twelves years old, I turned to magazines, media, fashion and comesmics to see what is considered attractive in our society. Who knew that the adult entertainment industry held the secrets? This really explains why if I copied the latest make up trends, as featured in the lastest issue of Glamour, I get either strange looks or no looks. Apparently, Glamour forgot to poll men on what they find attractive about a women. The greatest lesson of all is the fashion industry, media and cosmetic industry do not market to men. They market to women and that is great if you want to attract women. However most women would like to attract men. So ladies, I suggest the next time you want to explore what men find desirable, you glance the way of the adult entertainment. I think that industry is actually considering what men find hot.

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