Snow Days The Ultimate Party


My oldest daughter is always looking for the next high.  I am to blame for her endless quest for excitement and entertainment.  As a teacher, I was use to providing educational, fun and engaging activities for children.  So when I became a stay at home mom I did what I knew.  I figured as she grew up she would begin to entertain herself and my role as cruise ship director would lessen.  That was not the case. 

My daughter’s lust for activity was not only learned, but innate.  I am exactly the same way.  I want to be doing. I want excitement.  Why can’t every day be like a trip to Disney World?  I want parties all time too.  At about the time, I graduated from college and held a full-time job teaching, I realize every day was not going to be a party.  Now what am I going to do, because this working gig is a drag.  Then I discover the snow day.

The snow day is one of God’s most precious gifts given to a child or a teacher.  It is a day that is a complete surprise.  It is a moment in time when someone says stay in bed, don’t get dressed, have a party, eat lots of yummy food and enjoy! There is not really a more perfect event.  No one can plan a party better than God!

As a stay at home mom, I still worship the snow day.  My kids are much older now, but snow days are still a great event in our home.  We make chocolate chip pancakes. Do a lot of what we like best and enjoy! We are all expert weather analysts too.  At age five, my kids could read the weather radar to know when that snow storm would arrive,  praying that it was perfectly timed to hit before the first school bus rolled onto the street in the morning.  The very humorous thing is we live within walking distance of every school my children attended. But if the roads are too bad to drive, we certainly can’t walk to school! 

As for our amateur meteorology skills, we plan to perfect our forecasting abilities.  Our entire family signed up for a weather spotters class this spring.  My husband came home one day very excited this class was being offered. It’s free! The whole family will go and learn how to predict the weather better.  Now, please, understand this has nothing to do with the love of science. It’s all about planning a party.





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