Weight Training For Life

Some great information regarding weight training. A very interesting study out of Brazil.


Resistance Training

Weight training or resistance training is one of the most common means to improve one’s health and physique. People who lift weights aim to lose unwanted pounds and gain muscle mass. Weight training also develops strength, endurance, nerve-to-muscle coordination, and helps prevent osteoporosis. During weight training, the body burns calories while toning and firming a person’s muscles.

Weight lifting can also be used as a therapy for stress and anxiety. Research shows that when people undergo strenuous activity, the body excretes a substance called endorphin. These endorphins, short for endogenous morphins, are the body’s natural pain killers. Endorphins are released when the body is engaged in activities of moderate to high levels of intensity. The substance makes a person experience moments of relaxation interspersed with elation, which some health experts call the runner’s high.î Endorphins make people ‘high’ and happy. Research also shows that people who exercise regularly…

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