Oscar Pistorius Situation

Great look at what Oscar Pistorius’ situation. A view point we do not understand or get to read in the mass media.

Rambling with a Cantankerous Old Mule

I went to bed last night more than a little irritated and, to be honest, sad.

Since last week Thursday South Africa has been gripped by the story that Paralympic hero Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day. The “Twittersphere” and other social media is clogged with conspiracy theories, the media has been circling like vultures for days trying to pick up scraps, and there are too many inappropriate, gauche jokes about the incident to mention.

Ever since hearing about it I’ve had an uneasy feeling – which has just grown. Last year the nation was applauding the young double-amputee dubbed “The Blade Runner”. Today, it seems, most people believe him guilty of premeditated murder – based on hearsay, leaked police murmurs, social media rumours and a statement he gave at his bail hearing. Why the sudden, absolute turnaround?

Journalist Alita Steenkamp once described Pistorius…

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