Hot Buttered Rum, Pheromones, and Girls Night Out.


I am an exception to the rule, I love getting invited to in home parties for different products.  I have been to every kind of in home party under the sun.  If you are not familiar with the concept, a friend will host a party that features a certain type of product. Mostly marketed for women, it can be anything from books, candles, make up, skin care, food, home decor, cooking supplies, jewelry and tote bags.  I love the products. For the most part the products are one of a kind items that are high quality.  And I am a junkie for all types of parties like this. 

The best part is a group of women gather to learn and discuss the products.  Each time there is at least one gal besides the sales person that has used the products.  You can get an honest testimonial regarding what is being sold.  The ladies indulge in refreshments, laugher and shopping. Seriously, what more can you ask for in an evening out?

Recently, I was invited to an in home sales party.  It was exactly like any other in home sales party, except the product line was of a very intimate nature.  Nearly 15 women gathered to learn about, review and sample lotions and potions that will enhance your romance your life.  One would think, unlike other in home sales parties, like a cooking product show, you would not receive the same kind of testimonials from satisfied customers, that, however, was not the case. 

By the time the evening was over, I wanted to buy half the catalogue based on the sole satisfaction of their loyal customers.  And those ladies freely shared their stories about great products just like we were discussing the merits of Five in One Handy Dandy Dicer!  I learned that the Hot Buttered Rum Sensations was not only fabulous for its intended purpose, but it worked great, also, as a diet aid.  The gal stated she likes to snack late at night, spray the contents from the bottle on your tongue, it tastes so good you will never crave a cookie in the middle of the night.  I love products with surprise double functions.  I will take two, please! 

I learned that a product that smells like fruity lip gloss from my childhood, acts as pheromones to lure the opposite sex to you.  Now my girlfriend and I looked at each other.  We have both had unwanted attention from males in our life.  The kind of attention that creeps you out and makes you want to carry mace.  We decided to pass on the pheromones for “an extra dose of sex appeal”.  But it certainly smelled delicious. There was much giggling and lots of positive endorsements. 

I had to leave the party early. So I messaged my girlfriend to inquire if she made a purchase after I left.  She was very dismayed. She indeed to made a purchase, but she checked the wrong box and ordered the pheromones by mistake.  We decided we will have a little fun and see if it really does work next weekend.  She picked the best venue for our experiment, The Arnold Classic, a fitness show coming to town next week.  As we gaze at all the beautiful body builders we will test out her mistake purchase. 

As for me, oh, I will never tell what I ordered.  That will remain a secret, unless, of course you attend a party of this nature with me.  Then, I too, will be adding my heartfelt testimonials. It’s times like this I love being a woman.



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