The Greatest Show On Earth

The Arnold Fitness Weekend, in Columbus, OH

The Arnold Fitness Weekend, in Columbus, OH

A competor this weekend and my trainer.

A competor this weekend and my trainer.

I am very fortunate to live near Columbus,Ohio this weekend.  The Arnold Classic will take place this weekend.  Starting Thursday the entire city of Columbus will be filled with fitness enthusiasts like me.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the founder of this amazing fitness weekend. The fitness events, celebrities sightings and vendor exhibits are endless. Columbus has been home to the body building industry for quite some time. 

Every year at this time, some of the biggest names in fitness competition and fitness experts make a visit to the Buckeye State.  For a fitness freak, like me, this is heaven on earth!  All the gurus of nutrition, body building, and professional fitness models will be there.  I will be attending with my gym buddies, hoping to catch a glimpse or get a picture with one of our favorite fitness personalities.  It is a time to become inspired to set new goals and gather new information to reach those goals.  This year is even more exciting for me, because I train with one of the competitors.  

When I decided to make my home in the Columbus area over 20 years old, I was the farthest away from being a fitness fan.  I believe the quote was to my soon to be husband was, “I don’t sweat!” I do now! My fitness journey started as a runner that lead to weight training. The gym is my escape. I gain physical, spiritual and mental strength each day when I pump iron. 

How lucky I was to find a love for working out in the city that trains dozens of professional athletes in fitness.  Worthington, OH is the home to Mike Davies, Fitness Factory.  Mr. Davies has coached dozens in competitive fitness pros. The impact of his business  in fitness circles here is amazing.  I have indirectly gotten coaching and training from the Fitness Factory.  There is an endless supply of knowledge getting passed around our local gym from those that have trained at the Fitness Factory with Mr. Davies.  So this weekend, I humbly give thanks that I live in a body building mecca, that I have expert advice at my finger tips and that I get go to The Arnold.  It is a priceless gift I have been given. 



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