Beauty Tips From The Other Side Of The World

All Natural Beauty Treaments[/caption] All Natural Beauty Treaments[/caption]All Natural Beauty TreamentsGreat Beauty Tips From Other Woman. These are very affordable and you might even find some of them in your kitchen today!



Asian women have been known to have flawless skin… And rightly so. Going back thousands and thousands of years, Asian women have gone to great lengths to ensure that they’re skin is perfect. From milk baths, to detoxing teas and applying face cream with a patting motion. This week I went on a quick trip around Asia, from the comfort of my room and I discovered so many amazing things. It is no wonder that these ladies have known all about BB Creams for so long!


Underlying beauty for most Asian women is detoxing. The whole feeling good inside to look good outside phenomena is very true in Asia. 


Warm drinks v Cold drinks

Asian women are firm believers in drinking minimal cold drinks or anything cold, according to them, these drinks travel through your body solidifying the fats from food, making it harder for your…

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