This is the single best healthy lifestyle change you can make. Give up sugar! Sugar is a source of all disease known to man. Sugar causes in inflammation in the body that leads to disease. Extra benefit, radiant skin!

Radiance Project NZ

Is it even possible? Quitting sugar? Substituting refined for more natural sugars? We all know we need to cut back on sugar but how ? I have no idea, it seems to have wedged its way into every food group I know, SugarfreeMe, was on Day 17 of being sugar-free and I’m in awe.

I am impatiently waiting for my new counselling / self help book “I Quit Sugar Cookbook” by Australian Sarah Wilson to be released in a few weeks. She has had several e-books released already and is proving to be a gem in causing a major re-think down under with contributors such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Australian legend Maggie Beer and Cali health guru Mark Sisson. Packed with 108 sugar-free recipes and ingredients such as Rice Malt Syrup and Organic Agave Syrup to replace the overly refined white sugars and those horrible sweeteners. I can’t wait.

The I Quit…

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