The Curse Of Curiosity. Two Sides Of A Coin.


I have been curious all my life, since birth.  I know I drove my poor mother and grandmother crazy asking why all the time.  Truly, karma is a bitch, because my own children are just as curious or more than I am.  Thankfully, I have what my mother and grandmother did not, I can say,  “Google it!”

I have always been told, in general, being curious is a good thing.  However you tend to annoy others with questions or sharing knowledge.   I love to share my knowledge with others.  I like to be helpful.  I just assume others are as thirsty for information as me, so I just share freely.  But not everyone is like me and my daughters.  Some people do prefer to live in an “ignorance is bliss” state.  I respect that. I try hard to control my evangelizing of helpful hints or random interesting fact.

On the flip side, my curiosity has served me well in life.  Particularly, in medically related issue.  I am the person that goes to a doctor’s appointment with a list of questions, literally I pull out a sheet of paper with notes.  Oh, I know the doctors’ roll their eyes, and raise eyebrows. I don’t care.  I am far beyond the embarrassment of their judgement.  First and foremost, my health is my responsibility and doctors often times miss providing me with the best health care for me. 

At other times, my lust for information just makes life more pleasurable, comfortable or easier.  Apparently, I am not alone in such needs of dispensing knowledge or gaining knowledge, because the internet is full of resources.  You must be a savvy researcher, as well.  Not all sources are created equally, and thankfully, I learned how to research from my years in higher education. 

So the next time, I am dispensing useless information in my blog or on facebook, please know, ahead of time, I apologize. I just can’t help myself.  Who knows you might learn something new.  I do, I learn something new each day! And really, isn’t that why we are here?


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