My Liberal Arts Degree

Thoughts Of An Older Girl:
After 25 Years Of Having A Liberal Arts Degree: Views From the Middle Aged.
Great article regarding liberal arts degrees. Funny, it was written today, but it is a timeless article. I remember feeling the say way nearly 30 years ago when I was majoring in music. Of course, I majored in music with education so I could teach, because what would you do with just a music degree. It’s a pity there has been no growth in the value of a liberal arts education in all these years. With that said, having many friends in the same boat as me, all having liberal arts degrees, after 30 years, we have done all right in the world. We have done better than all right. To my friends with liberal arts degrees thank God we followed our hearts it seemed to all work out!

Through My Glasses

I hate it when people tell me that my Arts Degree is useless/worthless/a waste of time and money.

Can’t you just learn that on your own? Why do you have to go to university for it? It’s called going to the library and reading a book on it.


A degree in Philosophy? You mean you’re going to be flipping burgers at McD’s and asking people, ‘Do you want fries with that?’


Just because I’m not studying something science/math/business/engineering related does not mean that I will go nowhere in life. In fact, it bothers me when people think that they’re getting more out of their science/math/business/engineering degree than I am getting out of my Arts degree. On the contrary! In fact, I think I’m getting more out of my Arts degree than I would have gotten out of a science/math/business/engineering degree.

Yah sure, getting a business degree would be good…

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