Taking The Mystery Out Of Leaning Out: Part 1

abs3absWhen you are spending a fair amount of time in the gym, eventually, you begin to covet, the oh, so beautiful abs. When you start asking around you will hear abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen. So what exactly does that mean? After years of learning how to and eating clean I still find this part of a healthy lifestye mysterious.

Finding out what works for my body or your body is somewhat of a mystery when talking about fat percentages and lean body mass. I can’t tell you the hours spent talking to like minded fitness folks about this topic. Everyone one has the same general advice.

1. Eat complex carbs, like brown rice, oats and sweet potatoes
2. Eat lean protein, like chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites, and protein powders.
3. Eat healthy fats from flax seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts.
4. Eat lots of vegtables
5. Eat fruit in moderations

That all seems simple enough, right? But it is complex. There are all kind of balances of how much carbs, proteins and fats you eat and when. My body needs are not the same as other. First, it depends on your starting weight. It also hinges on your own body’s way of processing food. For instance, I did this kind of diet for years, and had no results. Well, I am not toleratant to gluten, the oats I ate where not gluten free. Gluten issuse make it nearly impossible to shed weight, as documented in new reseach. So until I started gluten free oats I carried 15 lbs of extra fat. You might wonder why is the balance so important, well, without the right balance of carbs and proteins you will derail your progress in the gym. Not enough protein comsumption and you will burn our muscle mass away in the gym. You want your muscle mass, because it will burn calories more than fat so you stay lean. Even eating in this healthy way you still must be aware of your calorie intake as well.

Beyond all these general rules, I have to continue to adjust my own body’s needs. Some of this stuff will not work in the same way for everyone. But I did find a very helpful site that calculates all the right amounts of carbs, fat, protein and calories I need to reach my goals.http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/6-pack-abs-diet-strategy-that-gets-results.htm You can read all day long about eating clean, but unless you know exactly what amounts your body needs it will be a very frustrating road of trial and error.

I will keep you posted on my progress and what I learn. Good luck on your fitness goals!

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