Eating Clean For The Whole Family: What Do My Kids’ School Lunch Have In Them.

lunches2lunchesFamilies are very busy with kids activities and my family is no exception. Both of my girls play select travel soccer and my husband coaches both team. We are a family on the move. Many meals and snacks need to be fast. So what do I pack in for my kids during the day when they are not eating meals at home?

My kids are very funny in the sense, they like to eat the same things every day for lunch. It makes it easy for me. They get a half of peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat, veggies, fruit, a small bottle of water and a serving of popcorn. The veggies are baby carrots or sliced red peppers. Fruit is anything they want. The popcorn I make each week on the stove, the old fashion way. It is way cheaper than microwave popcorn and healthier. I pop the popcorn in organic cold pressed, unflavored coconut oil. It is the most delicious popcorn ever! I can not claim this recipe. I stole it from a friend. I make all the lunches on Sunday for the week. I store them in the crisper of the refrigerator.

As a side note, you will not see my serving dairy products to my children. My kids do not tolerate dairy product, especially my oldest. So they get calcium from supplements or calcium from other source in their diets.

If you plan ahead you can have clean, healthy meals ready for on the go. Next time I will share what happens when I don’t plan ahead. Some days I am a hot mess and I don’t have everything organized. So I will explain how we avoid a trip through the fast food drive thru.

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