Taking The Mystery Out Of Leaning Out: An Update

lean2leanI have been sticking to the guidelines from http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/6-pack-abs-diet-strategy-that-gets-results.htmrom. Here is what I have seen happen to my body. I am visually seeing more muscle definition. My upper body is showing cuts I have never seen in my arms and shoulders. I can see a difference in my upper and lower abs as well. There is not much difference on the scale or with body fat percentage. However I can feel the muscle gains during my strength training sessions. I am able to both increase the weight I am lifting and increase my reps. All and all, I am satisfied with the progress in a week.

For those of you that need a translate of the previous paragraph. My goal is to gain more muscle mass and to decrease body fat. Really, that should be everyone’s goal. I am not training to be a body building. I am training to be lean and strong. Ladies, don’t panick, I will not be Mr. incredible’s sister. Women can never build that kind of muscle mass. If you have seen scary muscle mass on women it is due to taking steroids. We simply do not have the testosterone to support that kind of growth. You have seen pictures of me. I lift pretty heavy weight. I am tiny, 5’5, 120lbs.

Now here is the gold nugget off wisdom, you want to preserve your muscle mass at all costs. Muscle mass burns fat. There are a couple of things working against all of us to remain lean as we age. One, we loss muscle mass as we age. That is why we can’t eat like we did at age 20 and stay lean. After age 30, muscle mass naturally decrease without proper protein intake and strength train. Two, when we diet, especially if you restrict your calorie intake, your body will burn muscle first. Your body holds on to the fat because it thinks you are starving. Without muscle, it make it hard to burn calories in the long run. This is why crash diets and yo-yo diets don’t work.

Eventually, I will get to my story of why I am such a health and fitness freak. My knowledge base come from working with a friend that is a personal trainer and has a bachelor degree in nutrition. I also know what works from trial and error. This really works!

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