Reblog: Clean Eating

Another person’s insight on clean eating. I wanted to give you another perspective. I have lots to share, but it is always great to hear many points of view on a topic.


Slowly, I am becoming a health and fitness enthusiast.  If you want to avoid hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and all that I recommend making an effort to monitor your health more.  No one wants those problems, and in many cases they are avoidable.

I’ve been eating healthier and exercising regularly for the past two months or so.  Occasionally, I have had to halt the exercising because of getting sick and other personal reasons, but otherwise this is the most consistent I have ever been.  With that said…

…I’ve noticed quite a few things.  

  • While I am trying to eat healthy foods, I am surrounded by people who constantly eat CRAP!  Processed, high fat foods with preservatives and God-knows-what in it.  And I am no angel because I break down and give into temptations sometimes, but not for every meal.  The diet of Americans is insanely…

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