What Is This Getting Lean Stuff All About?



I recently had a good friend ask me "Are you bodybuilding?" It was a great question. Many women fear lifting weights. They are afraid of bulking up. The answer to my friend is no. I am not bodybuilding. I am however looking to be lean and fit.

So what's the difference. Without boring you to death with the details of how you become a female body builder vs. a fitness model, I will say one has more of a muscular build. In the pictures above you can see clearly which is a body builder and which is a fitness model. Believe me, ladies, you will never look like the body builder unless you set forth to do so. Our body compositions are just not naturally set up for those kinds of results. On the other hand, being lean and fit, now that one you can attain with some hard work and knowledge. Most women and men prefer the lean and fit look. Although, I find that a female body builder is a work of art and something to be admired.

With all that said, I have provided a link to the many health benefits of women getting out of yoga class at times and hitting the weight floor. For me, it is my insurance plan, as I enter the golden years, to avoid a hip fracture! I would like to avoid calling Life Alert! I plan to lift weights well into my golden years. One of my inspirations is a 86-year-old woman named, Carol. Carol and I have lifted weights side by side for nearly 11 years now. I will say she slowed down a bit since her 70's. She isn't lifting as much as I do anymore! šŸ™‚ She is truly my inspiration. Strength training truly is the fountain of youth.

Bodybuilding.com – Women & Weight Training!.

One thought on “What Is This Getting Lean Stuff All About?

  1. It’s so true that many women out there still scoff at the idea of weight training. I was one of the guilty one too when I first started, scrawling my nose at the thought of using the bench press when my boy frist suggested I try it! But I’m glad I did and it’s so true that it’s like a future injury prevention policy- I’m more flexible, fitter and stronger than before and still growing šŸ˜‰

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