Some Days I Don’t Want To Put On the Spandex And You Can’t Make Me!


I don’t bounce out of bed every day yelling, “Get me to the gym!”  I use to look at very fit women and wonder how come they don’t feel like working out some days.  The thing is everyone feels that way from time to time.  So what’s the secret to staying motivated? Finding the courage and energy to pull on the spandex tanks and shorts can be a challenge. I believe what keeps one working out day in and day out varies. Here are some of the reasons, no matter how fat I feel or tired I am I get my butt into the gym.

  • I remember my first work out

I was not always a fitness nut. As a matter of fact, I didn’t start exercising until my late twenties, when, as I like to say, I was pushing maximum density.  I will never forget my first run.  It took me 45 minutes to run 2 miles! Yikes. At the end of the run, I wanted to throw up, poop my pants and pee at the same time.  I have no idea what made me go back out for a second run, but I did.  From that day on I never stopped running.  My running lead to strength training and running races.  The whole point is no run ever felt as bad as that first did. I never wanted to have that starting up run ever again. So on difficult days I think back to how hard the first run was and how much courage it took to take my second run.

  • I like how I feel after working out

I started working out to get into shape and prevent myself from  getting bigger than Rhode Island.  I ended up continuing for a lot of other reasons.  My time in the gym is my solitude.  I am a busy person.  My life is crazy with raising kids. I find my direction in the gym.  I become grounded each day I spend time taking care of my body.

  • My worst motivation days end up being my best workouts.

Time and time again, the days I least want to work out turn into my best performance days.  I have no idea why. It’s like my mind didn’t show up, but my body did! In knowing I could miss a great work out if I don’t go, I get my body moving even if my mind says no.

  • I am too busy today

I never say I am too busy to shower, to brush my teeth, or eat. Why would I be too busy to work out? It is a non-negotiable in my mind.  I make it work somehow. I deserve it. It is my time.

  • If I am not healthy I am no use to anyone

My family is my top priority.  I can’t begin to express the amount of guilt I felt putting my 3 month old daughter in the gym daycare years ago.  I left my baby to run? What I decided was if I don’t take care of myself I can’t take care of my family.  As it turned out, I set the scene for my kids to see an active woman taking care of her health.  It has made my girls very aware of the importance taking care of their bodies.

The bottom line is working out, even on the days I least want to hit the gym, it is really important to my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Unless, I am ill or have an emergency in my life, I am going to squeeze my middle-aged body into work out gear and just get the job done.  I never regret it after the job is done.



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