CrossFit Benefits & Pitfalls

I always like to learn about new fitness programs. I know CrossFit is super hot right now. This blog has really interesting insight regarding this particular program. There are some aspects to consider before trying it. I raise an eyebrow at the fact CrossFit instructor hold no professional training certifications.

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reebok crossfit CrossFit Benefits and Pitfalls

Variation….From a biological standpoint, variation is defined as marked difference or deviation from the normal or recognized form, function, or structure.

In one word this is what Crossfit workouts deliver, variation.

Variation from the recognized norms that exercise and weight training has been based upon for years, and even deviation within the exercise program itself. No workout is the same, no Crossfit affiliate is the same, no WOD (daily workout) design is the same, no Crossfit instructor introduces or trains new clients the same, nor does a trainee ever know what to expect whenever they enter their local Crossfit facility.

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