My Favorite Beauty Product- Update


 I continue to love the results I have seen using Retin A cream nightly. I have learned a couple of tricks using the product.

  • Use a good moisturizing cream

I was told before using the product that it can cause peeling of the skin.  It is part of the process.  I did pretty well not having any problems until I switch to a higher stength cream.  At that point, I had some issues develop.  I believe part of it my issue was started using Retin A cream during the winter months.  My skin is dry to begin with and in the winter there is not enough moisturizer in the world to keep it from drying out.  So the Retin A did add to the problem.  I ended up back at the dermatogist for addition medicine for the dry patches.  After I got that cleared up, I started using a very thick night cream over the Retin A.  I have not had a problem since.

  • Exfoliating Mask Once a Week

Retin A cream encourages new cell growth in the skin.  With the high turn over skin cells, the skin can start to look dull and lifeless.  I used a detoxing, exfoliating mud mask, at least once a week, to remove all the dead skincells.  I love the results. My skin glows, looking fresh and youth full. 

  • Purchasing Retin A Cream

I did some research on what is the most affordable way to buy Retin A. Although, I have heard from dermatolgists that the over the counter varieties do work, the strength is much lower and takes longer to get results.  I knew I want prescription strength. Here is the catch, insurance companies don’t like to pay for what is considered cosmedic use.  Without insurance, a 8 oz tube can be about $200.00.  After asking around, I found out from my girlfriends that they purchase it right in the dermotogist office.  If you go that route, it is about $50.00 a tube.  A 8 oz tube will last nearly five months.  I use mine daily and I am not even half way through the tube.  A pea size amount for your entire face and neck will do the trick.

  • Can I use other products with Retin A cream?

I had read and told by one friend do not mix products.  I was told by another friend she mixes products all the time without an issue.  I carefully introduced my other skin care line back into my routine while using the Retin A cream.  I have used an entire botanical based anti-aging skin care line for years that includes liquid vitamin C.  That product line is from Arbonne International.  I endorse that product very much.  I used it for many years before I started selling it myself.  I have successful incorporated Retin A cream into my existing skin care regiment.

  • Other uses for Retin A

Definately don’t forget your neck.  I heard a man once say that the age of a woman can be told by looking at her neck and not her face.  I have a friend that started using it on her abs.  She is one of my fitness buddies and like all of us that had children no amount of ab work or diet can take care of lose skin from pregnancy


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