Want To Learn More About Mineral Oil?

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I have always been told and have read that mineral oil for your skin is not the best choice.  I did a bit more research, apparently there is some disagreement on the topic.  Some say mineral oil in skin care products were banned in Europe in the last decade. Others say it is not true and mineral oil is perfectly safe.  I am not on a band wagon to seek the demise of mineral oil.  I can only speak of my own experiences.

Whenever I mention Arbonne products I either get a hate or love reaction.  I believe it stems from the business end of the company.  It is a direct marketing company that relies on consultants to find new consultants. With that all put aside, I talk about Arbonne, because I love the stuff. That is the end of the story. I don’t force it on others. I am low-key about selling it. When I sell it to friends and clients I give them my discount, because I want them to be able to afford great products.  My experience is when I started using Arbonne in my mid thirties my skin never looked better.  I always took care of my skin, but this product produced noticeable results.  There are many times I am mistaken for being much younger than I am.  I just use a product that works for me. That statement is key, it works for me.  My blogs are intended to share my experiences. Truly, it matters very little to me if anyone tries what I share.  Live and let live is how I view the world.  I did, however begin blogging, because for years people have stopped me, strangers and friends alike, asking me about what works for me regarding topics I blog about here.   It is my hope that my experiences can enrich others lives.


Learn more about Mineral Oil here: http://www.alexami.com/blog/2011/05/19/if-mineral-cosmetics-are-kinder-to-your-skin-are-mineral-oils-good-too/


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