50 Exercise To Keep Your Workouts Interesting.

Having trouble keeping your workouts fresh, interesting and new? Here are 50 new ones to try! Don’t get stuck in the March blues, mix it up! Enjoy!


facebook this exerciseIt is easy to get in a rut. We often end up doing the same go-to exercises over and over – unless we are in a program, or have a trainer, who exposes us to new moves. I thought it would be fun to ask some of my followers what their favorite exercises and share their answers. But first, I’ll share some of mine! Between some of our favs, and yours, we have over 50 exercises listed! Have fun exploring!

My Favorites:

1. Stomps (glutes)upright row how-to
2. Walking Lunges – love/hate (glutes/legs)
3. Split Jerks (shoulders/core & conditioning)
4. Upright Rows (shoulders)
5. Take it or Leave it (abs)
6. Push Ups (chest, arms, core)
7. DEEP Squats (glutes/legs)
8. Straight Bar Curls (biceps)
9. Curtsies (glutes)
10. Assisted Pull Ups – love/hate (back)

Steve’s Favorites:

hanging knee1. Straight Bar Curls (biceps)
2. Slam Ball (legs, core, cardio)
3. Hanging Knees (abs/obliques)
4. Close…

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