Eating Clean For the Whole Family: Eating For Wellness, Going Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Slowly we have been working towards cleaner eating for our girls.  Although, I have been practicing eating clean for years, the kids had separate food selections. 

Today, I made a big decision.  Our entire family is going gluten-free.  I have toyed with the idea for a while now.  My life changed when I eliminated wheat from my diet.  Years and years of mysterious illness that could not be explained all made sense and disappeared when I stopped eating wheat products.  I have often wondered if my girls would benefit from following a gluten-free diet. The fact that both my sister and mother suffer from the same issue I do when they eat wheat made me wonder what to do with my children.  For awhile, I thought I might just wait and see if they develop similar symptoms.  However, today, I heard something that changed my mind. 

I had a dentist appointment today.  The lovely woman who cleans my teeth is under the care of Dr. Glen Aukerman, medical director of the Ohio State University Center for Integrative Medicine.  She and I have discussed our gluten problems before and our ongoing search for good health.  Dr. Aukerman works with cancer patients.  He has had much success in treating those ill patients with lifestyle changes.  The dental assistant shared that Dr. Aukerman has found not a single cancer patient has not tested free of a gluten issue! That made me take pause.  Every single patient of his with cancer, tested positive for gluten problems. Wow, now I really need to think about exposing my kids to wheat.  First, clearly, wheat is an issue on my side of the family.  Cancer is an issue on my husband’s side of the family.  With that in mind, I decided it was time for my children to eliminate wheat from their diet.

You may think this sounds extreme.  I talked to my daughters and husband about it.  I gave then my reasons for this decision.  We all agreed to do this.  So this evening we all went to the grocery store, Meijer’s.  Meijer’s has an amazing selection of gluten-free, natural and organic selection.  The prices are reasonable.  We found bread, corn wraps, pasta, even macaroni and cheese to make my children feel “normal”.  I agreed we could get some gluten-free treats occasionally too. 

I promised the girls when we are out they can have food that include wheat.  My goals are to decrease their expose to it at home.  I am not saying this is a life style choice for all families, but given our risk factors I think it is a smart choice for us.  For me, the continuous exposer to wheat suppressed my white blood cell count for years.  It impaired my immune system.  The threat of wheat  consumption causing a serious illness is real for me.  If I have the knowledge to protect my children from the suffering like I did, why would I not do it.  I know how to eat in such a way that I miss nothing nutritionally by not eating wheat.  I am now going to pass this knowledge to my babies.  I do feel for my oldest daughter.  She can not tolerate dairy well, and now wheat is being eliminated.  It just makes sense.  I told her tonight someday you will thank me for this. Until then, I will make every effort to make eating enjoyable for them.  As for my youngest, she tried a corn wrap when we got home.  She loved it! 🙂  We can do this. I have faith.

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