Gluten Free For The Whole Family: Update

Gluten Free

The girls are doing very well eating gluten free.  We have made the switch to gluten free pasta.  I found a pasta made from corn.  They enjoyed it with meat sauce, just like a normal spaghetti recipe.  We also tried gluten free mac and cheese.  The mach and cheese was a pasta made from rice flour.  Again, everyone was happy with that meal too.  We are still working on a great bread selection.  We have also made gluten free tortillas.  Really, not having a hard time finding gluten free alternatives to their favorite foods.

I will be honest, we are very fortunate.  As I left the grocery store this week with our cart full of gluten free options I gave a little word of praise.  We have a very large supermarket chain in Ohio, Meijer’s that has an amazing selection.  Not only do they carry all the name brands of gluten free foods, the have outstanding lables on the Meijer’s brands of all naturals and organics.  I realize that it might not be as easy for other in different location to eat gluten free. 

I am also grateful that  I am so knowledgeable to guide my family to be gluten free. I have learned so much, because it is imperative I remain wheat and gluten free.  I learned the hard way last weekend.  I had some almonds that were processed with wheat products.  My mother, who is also gluten sensitive, said she eats them without a reaction.  Within an hour, I had  a horrible stomach problem.  The stomach issues last three days.  Because those that test positive for gluten antibodies can also develop cancer, this is not a situation I am willing to play around with. 

I am not entirely certain my girls have an intolerance to wheat.  They both suffer from eczema from time to time. Eczema is linked to food allergies.  My oldest child definitely has a dairy issues.  So she is dairy and gluten free now.  Critics would argue this is a strict diet. The truth is there is nothing wrong with eating lean protein, veggies, fruit and grains such as rice, oats and corn.  No one has to eat wheat to survive.  Eating is about nourishing our bodies. It was never meant for entertainment or emotional well being.


One thought on “Gluten Free For The Whole Family: Update

  1. My two girls have also been finding a gluten free diet a non issue. I recommend that you try Tinkyada Pasta…I find it the best. Also if you are ever looking to make bread, I have found two recipes that work great and that we all love. Check them out on my blog 🙂

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