I Am Only Along For The Ride


I had a realization today.  I was posting on a group fitness page I belong to that I tried a new ab exercise.  I kind of laughed to myself.  I learned it from my 10 year old daughter.  It struck me right then, I am really only her for one purpose as her mother.

My job as a parent is to provide my children with all the tools for success.  When you become a parent for the first time, it is very confusing what the job duties are.  There are definitely somethings I learned quickly, at least regarding my children.  It is not my job to force my thoughts or desires on them.  Wait one minute, if that is not my job then who’s is it? Actually no one has the the job to force anything on them.  It is my job to give them great guidance, to point out possible pitfalls to certain action or behaviors, but never to force my will.  And I learned that early with my first daughter, before she could talk she let me know her will over mine.  She wanted reasons for why I was asking her do certain things.  I learned if I could give her reasons why she agreed. Oh, yes, make no mistake about it, she is a very strong willed child. Is she difficult? No, she is not difficult. As a matter of fact both my girls are model students, well liked by peers, even might be considered popular, and kind souls.  They just don’t want anyone pushing an agenda on them, not even their mother. 

I learned if I provide them with all the tools for success I only need to sit back and enjoy the ride.  The bonus is I learn from them.  Everyday they teach me lessons about life.  My children are far more than beings I am responsible to raise to be fine citzens.  They were born with their own minds, hearts and souls.  They are old souls full of wisdom beyond their years. Thank God, I am a quick learner and discovered this.  Motherhood has been the blessing of a lifetime.  Here’s to all the strong willed, stubborn, need to know why children of the world!  They make the ride worth it.

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