Fighting The Current May Just Kill You


I love my cardio time at the gym. If I am alone it is my time and my time alone.  I equally love when a friend joins me.  Today, I had the pleasure of a friend’s company.  He was sharing with me a topic about life he recently heard. It was profound and true. Whatever you are facing in life you can accept it now or accept later, but eventually you have to accept it. It just depends on how long you want to play in the pain and suffering. 

As he spoke the words, I shook my head in agreement.  It may have been the truest statements I have heard in my life.  It really is not a matter of refusing to accept the experiences of life.  You do have a choice whether you accept circumstances now or later, but acceptance is not a choice.  The lack of accepting situations only prolongs the pain and suffering you endure. 

At some point in my journey of life I began to understand that. Earlier in life, I would resist accepting life as is.  I wanted it different. It was unfair.  Why couldn’t I have an easier journey.  Actually, I don’t think I gained wisdom, as much as I grew exhausted from fighting.  Instead of swimming against the current, I just go wih the flow. I allow the the current to carry me down stream. I have to do life like that now.  Swimming against the current would eventually kill me. I would grow so tired I could not swim any longer and drown.

It is very true the longer I resisted life as is, the longer my heartache would go on.  Today, I accept the life placed in front of me.  I have finally learned one thing is for certain, if I don’t like what today looks like, tomorow it could all be different.  There is a peace in acceptance and giving up resistance. 

Please don’t misunderstand this does not mean I have given up in life. Just the opposite.  I accept life as it is, however it doesn’t derail my dreams or goals. I acknowledge my world around me as is.  I make adjustments. I adapt to change. The key to survival is adapting to change, not resisting it. Change is the only certainty in life.  Energy spent in resisting circumstances only keep you in a place of panic. Acceptance is the only way to move forward on your journey.




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