Get Moving To Keep Your Brain From Shriking With Age: My Own Personal Study


So I do believe I have living proof of this.  My father, who is nearly 70 years old, has never stopped being active.  He still goes to the gym daily to lift weights and do cardio.  There is also no other person in history that has abused his body more with unhealthy lifestyle choices like him.  Ok, he has a few health issues, but truly he should be dead from the unhealthy parts of his life. I absolutely believe dad is doing so well, because he has never stopped moving! Believe me he is as sassy as he ever was, no cognitive loss in his brain. : )

If you are interested in keeping your cognitive abilities sharp into your golden years start exercising.  It is believed that exercise is the key to preventing age related cognitive lose.  Oxygen rich blood produced during exercise feels the cells of the brain and keeps it healthy.  Another bonus is vision may improve with exercise.

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