Fitness Progress Pictures: Useful Tool Not An Exercise In Vanity


I have been working out and eating clean for years.  A very good friend, that has a four-year degree in nutrition, is a personal trainer and in amazing shape shared this great tool with me.  Take progress pictures to monitor your success. 

Here is why it is important.

1. Fitness Progress Is Subtle: The changes in your body are subtle.  At times it happens so slowly, I can not see the changes in the mirror.  Yet, when I take pictures every few weeks, I begin to be able to compare and contrast changes over time.

2. The Pictures Provide Motivation: You are more likely to continue working hard and not give up goals if you can see progress. Without the progress pictures, I become discouraged. The process is very subtle day-to-day and week to week.  It is imperative to have pictures from months ago to monitor the growth.

3. Sharing With Others: This is not an exercise in getting compliments. This has a few benefits. Yes, it is nice to have the words of encouragement.  It also provides others with evidence that change is possible at any age.  I am very grateful for the hundreds of pictures brave women have given me so I could see the possibilities.  Posting my pictures keeps me honest about my goals.  If I make a commitment to myself and share it with others, it makes me keep on track and not give up my dreams. 

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