Your 40’s, the new 20’s with 20 Years Of Experince.

I saw this picuture today and it really spoke to me.  I would not do my 20’s over again if you paid me.  It was difficult on so many levels.  My 30’s are a blur, because I was busy have babies. But my 40’s, now that is my decade!

I am not sure when exactly it hit me, maybe two years ago, I realized I finally felt comfortable in my own skin.  At some point, the need to please others fell away.  The need to impressed anyone with my accomplishments seemed pointless.  It was the first time ever, I felt I was living my life on my terms.  I discovered I really enjoyed making decisions, setting goals and doing what I like.  

It was not a realization that hit me all at once.  I gradually started to feel changes over time.  It was more of a situation of realizing I didn’t feel stressed out, sad,  and frustrated.  I began to reflect on why did I feel so much better than in the past.  The answer was I was living life according to my inner voice. 

I am not saying it was without judgement.  I still had plenty of people judging and questioning my life choices.  I have learned to sort out valueable advice from mean spirited comments.  Mean spirited comments are a result of others suffering and feeling misery.  I learned not to take others problems personally.  I simply am kind in return.  They are struggling enough already without me adding any kind of drama.  I have lost some friends over time.  I have the wisdom to realize we are not the same people anymore.  There is a season for friendships.  I am at peace with the outcome of some of my relationships. 

I believe your 40’s is a time of self discovery like no other time.  Years of wisdom, at the very least, tell me what I don’t want to experience in life.  All my mistakes taught me what I don’t want so I can better identify if I am going down a similar path.  The wisdom of living gives me the tools to select the best choices for me.  I would never go back in time. I understand today all that I experienced have made me who I am today.  Today, I am peaceful and content in the mist of chaos.  The chaos will never stop, but limiting my participation in it and following my inner voice keeps me enjoying life.  Life was meant to be enjoyed. 

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