Does Gluten Intolerant Mean Coffee Intolerant?

green tea

My last great vice was coffee. Oh, how I adore my beloved Starbuck’s brew.  But, today, on a coffee date with a friend, I opted for a venti green tea. And believe me, it was hard to do! I almost caved at the last minute with the aroma of the dark brew calling my name.  So, like any good researcher, I decided to dig a bit deeper into this coffee protein, gluten reactor business.  It seems that not everyone that is gluten intolerant is intolerant to coffee protein.  Oh, dear God, please let me be the one that can drink coffee! Until I know for sure, I am going to stick to green tea.  But if I don’t feel a marked difference in a week or so, fire up my dark brew, mama is coming to get you!

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