Delicious Treats: No Guilt Strawberry Frozen Treats


Yes, I am a healthy nut! I admit it.  I am also human, having moments of wanting something sweet and delicious gets to me too.

I stumbled upon this little treat by accident.  A few weeks ago the grocery store had strawberries on sale a $1.00 a pound.  If you bought 10 lbs the 11lb of free.  Being a bargain shopper I scooped up those strawberries.  I planned to freeze most of them.  Seemed like a great idea at the time.  As it turns out, my girls do not enjoy frozen strawberries, They just like fresh ones. Hmmm, now I have a problem. In a mid afternoon fit of a sugar craving, I solved my problem.

I took on strawberry out of the freezer, microwaved it for 20 seconds and dipped it in Stevia. Oh my, that was delicious! It tastes very much like a frozen fruit bar.  So for a yummy guilt free, healthy treat, frozen strawberries, slightly defrosted, with Stevia on them does the trick! A bit of heaven was discovered. The next time Meijer’s has strawberries 10 for 10 with the 11 free, I will be loading up the cart.  Who cares what my kids think?!?  No one said they have good taste!

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