April Progress Pictures: The Challenge Continues


My own fitness challenges are never ending.  It seems the basics for lean eating that work for most have not always worked for me.  For one thing, being gluten intolerant keep me from being able to shed fat.  Upon giving up wheat and gluten, wheat protein, I lost 15lbs.  My progress is slow, but I can see it.  I suspect that my body is still healing and repairing from years of damage from eating gluten. I am still replenishing vitamins and minerals my body could not absorb during the gluten years.  I struggle with holding too much water in my body.  That could be a factor of being a woman of a certain age. 

I continue to research, adjust my diet and learn how to care for my own body.  In the end, I am unique and I have to figure out what works for me.  This is the progress today.  I am moving ahead slowly, surely. It is a process.  

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