My Body Finally Belongs To Me

This photo is from 2009. I worked out just as much, ran more and carried 20 lbs more.

This photo is from 2009. I worked out just as much, ran more and carried 20 lbs more.

After 3 years of eating gluten free, I have lost nearly 20lbs.

After 3 years of eating gluten free, I have lost nearly 20lbs.

I was recently frustrated with my oldest daughter regarding a conversation about eating gluten-free.  She is fine with sticking to the diet at home, but her question was what about a pizza party at school?  I explained to her it was her choice.  However, I would hope she would not have any.  She was very annoyed with me. 

Being the power kid she is, since before she could talk, I always have given her choices. If I make choices for her she simply rebels.  This time was no different. However, I did state my case as to why I thought she was very fortunate to have all the resources and information in life to be healthy.  I pointed out that her grandmothers, her aunt and her mother have not had the same fortune in life.

I spent the better part of my life sick, very sick from consuming gluten.  No doctor could tell me why I had a strange illness.  No doctor could tell me why at age 37 I had a low white blood cell count.  To add insult to injury, I was even called crazy regarding my illness.  It was not until a friend of my sister’s shared with her gluten intolerance that our family even had a clue to our problems. 

My sister and mother both have gluten intolerance.  Slowly, one by one we found the answers to our prayers.  I finally had the health others have enjoyed for a life time.  I know now that I suffered from this problem since birth.  When reading a book that included a list of symptoms, I had experience 50 out of the 100 over the course of my life.  Mysterious symptoms no doctor could ever diagnose. 

Today, I am living a much better quality of life.  The gluten intolerance made me suffer from many allergy symptoms, but also keep me from being able to burn fat.  Some people can not loss weight with this condition.  My whole life I was on a diet.  I would eat healthy and clean. I would be 15 lbs heavier that others.  I ran 20 miles a week. I couldn’t budge the pounds.  I tried the lean, clean, bodybuilding diet about 10 times.  It never worked for me. Well, not until I took out the final gluten component, oatmeal. 

Oatmeal is the most contaminate food, because it is processed with wheat.  Once I started eating gluten-free oat meal I felt remarkably better.  With in 24 hours I knew I had found the answer.  Over the course of a year, I dropped 15bls.  Finally, I had the answer.

Myself esteem was so damage from being overweight.  I understood if I ate poorly and didn’t exercise, but that was not the case.  I was exercising like crazy and eating clean.  I felt hopeless.  I felt like I had no control over my body.  It did what it wanted to do and it wanted to be fat.  After nearly 20 years of eating right and working out, I finally see the results others do in a matter of months.  I have muscle definition. I have energy. I am not sick in bed one week out of the month anymore.  I got a new start on life at age 41.

With my new start, I want to be lean and fit, something that my body would not allow me to do when I was younger.  I was made fun of for being fat as a child.  The child that had a half a sandwich, a piece of fruit and skim milk for lunch was fat. While the other children enjoyed ice cream and cookies with lunch, I was still fat.  I believe my passion for fitness and healthy eating stems from my life time of struggle.  It is true, I was not sneaking or cheating on my diets.  My body simply would not shed weight.  The gluten made me bloated and fat.  Today, I am challenging myself to be and have the lifestyle and body that I only dreamt of in the past.  I can be that woman. I have a control over my health now.  I have control over how my body looks.  I am grateful.

As for my daughter, I explained that I bet her grandmothers wished they had all the knowledge to have been able to prevent the disease they suffered from in life.  I told her she and her sister have all the tools and information to never suffer the illnesses of our family.  Quiet possibly they could live a life free of disease or illness.  She looked at my wide-eyed, and quietly understood.  It was a small triumph. She didn’t eat that slice of pizza!

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