The New Blood Pressure Trigger: It May Surprise You.

This article is so interesting.  I had read book, nearly twenty years ago, that discussed the harmful impact of chemicals in our environment.  It was called Our Stolen Future. I remember not wanting to believe it at the time.  It seems very far out and almost crazy thoughts about our modern life.  Truthfully, all that I read in that book has eventually been proven.  In spite of the fact that I didn’t want to believe it at the time, I had a nagging feeling I should heed the warnings. I am so glad I did.  Although, my family has not been completely all natural or organic over the years,  it was our major goal to live a natural life as much as possible.  Here is yet one more study to support why it is important to avoid exposure to chemicals as much as possible.  The nice thing is there are simply adjusts to make that can improve your health risks.

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