When Life Gets Really Busy: Updates and Progress


The left photo was taken in May. The right photo is today.

The left photo was taken 6 weeks ago. The right photo is today.

After a short break from blogging, I hope to be writing more entries again.  The month of May was a very busy one with my family  as we are involved with travel soccer.  However, summer has officially begun for us, so I am back to blogging

A few updates:

In spite of a crazy busy May our family continued to eat clean and healthy.  Both of my girls have adjusted well to living gluten-free.  Having to pass up end of the school year treats, like pizza parties, cupcakes and such was not easy, but both understand the importance. 

I have continued to keep on track with my fitness goals.  I am seeing increased muscle growth and strength as I continue to press forward with my personal goals.  I have been experimenting with not drinking coffee.  Given the research, that states, that a coffee protein can cause a similar reaction to gluten for those that can not tolerate wheat products, I tried a month without my beloved java.  Sadly, I must give it up.  I feel so much better not drinking coffee.  I am learning to appreciate the art of drinking all kinds of teas.  It is not easy to give up favorite foods, but the trade-off for good health is worth it. 

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