Updates : About Fitness, Clean Eating and Life


Now that summer has come to an end, the kids are back to school and we are in full swing of travel soccer, I have a moment to return to blogging.  We had a great summer, but I took time to focus on spending time with my kids. I got a bit away from my blog, but I am back now. 

Even through I took a break from Thoughts Of An Older Girl, I have continued me fitness journey. The whole family has adjusted to a gluten-free life style.  I continue each day to learn about myself, others and this journey of life. 

In the fitness department, I have continued eating clean. I am slowly seeing the results I would like.  I had to spend a great deal of time figuring out what works for my body.  I face some challenges.  I recently learned, through a routine blood work test, that I have a genetic liver condition.  Although, my liver works fine, it is slower at processing than others.  My body does not produce certain enzymes needed in the second phase of detoxing of the body.  By doing much research, I have learned how what I put in my body impacts my health.  I have a scheduled appointment with a liver specialist this month to get a better idea of my condition.  With that all said, I have had to make changes in what I eat to reach my fitness goals.  The hardest part this summer was watching the scale climb and not be freaked out that I was gaining fat.  In fact, I have gained muscle.  I have increased the amount of weight I lift during weight lifting sessions.  I have incorporated a lot of squats and lunges with daily work outs.  Building muscle looks and feels great, but the head games of the scale can be maddening.  So that was a challenge for me. 

My children have adapted to gluten-free eating very well.  I continue to learn how to create favorite meals that are free of wheat and gluten.  Given how easy it has become to live a gluten-free life style, it doesn’t take much to figure it out.  All carbs that were wheat based have been replaced with corn or rice based carbs.  My youngest child lost about seven pounds.  Now, that might sound alarming, but when a person has a gluten issues the body retains water and fat.  Her body shed unneeded water and fat from the switch in diet.  I have not cut her carb intake.  Believe me, my children are not deprived of treats either. 

My oldest child had a very interesting event take place after eliminating wheat from her diet.  She can now tolerate dairy products. In the past she was unable to eat dairy.  The older she got the worst the her symptoms from eating dairy got.  Now that she doesn’t eat gluten or wheat, she has no issues at all eating dairy products. 

Both of my girls are happy with how their bodies feel eating gluten-free.  It can be tough passing up junk food, like pizza at times.  But we get gluten-free junk food, because a kid needs to be a kid from time to time.  I have to say I am proud of them.  Most adults completely freak out when I suggest eating gluten-free.  Having kids willing to embrace that diet is amazing.  They understand for our family it is simply not a choice.  It is all about good health.  We value and cherish our health in this family. 

This summer was full of many difficult situations for a few friends of mine.  I suppose I am at an age when friends get sick and marriages end.  It seems to be a phase in life right now.  It doesn’t make it any easier even if it is a part of life.  I have focus a lot of time being close confidants with friends in tough places.  I learn a lot about the character  and strength of people.  Just when I didn’t think life could get worse for some, I would get a text or call and it had.  I am glad to say I think life has calmed down some.  I have learned to appreciate what I have.  I have learned to value my healthy body more now than ever.   I have learned that no matter how bad today seems, tomorrow will be better.  I have held grown men in my arms as they cry.  I have kissed my best friend as she passes into the operating room to have her breast removed.  I have grown, too, from experiencing all of this.  You don’t walk hand in hand with a friend during crisis and not come out a different person.  You think that you are there for them. You think you are there to support and offer comfort. But I came out on the other side looking at life differently.  Seeing other with more compassionate eyes, with a more loving heart and ears for listening and only speak when I should are a few ways I grew this summer.  So I guess I have been pretty busy living life.  You have to live life first, before you can blog about it.

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