Dude, I Need A Trainer


Recently, I was having coffee with a good friend.  This is a friend I had not had a chance to talk to in a while.  Given she had been my work out partner for nearly five years, each and everyday, I was excited to have a chance to catch up.  I would say this friend single-handedly put my on the path to fitness.  When I met her I was already an avid runner and was lifting weights.  She took me to the next level.  She has a great knowledge of gym culture.  Being a personal trainer, a former owner of a GNC store, having a degree in nutrition and being married to a former competitive body builder she knows her stuff. The best part was she was my friend.  She taught me all I know. 

She is embarking on a new path in life.  With her kids older, she is looking into returning to personal training.  That is not earth shattering in itself, but a commute from Vail, CO to Columbus, OH is!  We discussed her plans. We discussed my progress in my fitness journey.  She has helped me endlessly trying to find what works for me.  I said I was thinking about working with a trainer that is helping another friend get ready to do a show.  The other friend is female and over 50 years old.  I felt that might be  good match for me, since I am “an older girl”.  It seemed like a good plan to me.  What she said totally surprised me.  She told me that I don’t need a trainer.  Hmmm, a funny thing to come from a trainer.   She said I know everything I need to know. 

I didn’t think much about it after that.  I have went about my business in life.  I am still working out daily and watching my diet.  I was feeling pretty good and decided to take some progress pictures.  The progress pictures really help me see what is going on.  I can’t trust the mirror and my own judgment.  As I studied the pictures and compared them to old ones I got to thinking about my friend’s comment.  Do I really need a trainer? I am making progress.  It is slow, but steady.  I am stronger and leaner.  My workouts are varied, interesting and challenging.  So do I need a person around to count my reps? Do I need a person to tell me about nutrition?  Do I need a person to mix up or vary my routine? My answer would be not really.  I do like working with trainers occasionally to get new ideas.  But to hire a person on a regular basis might not be what I need.  I worked with a trainer last winter.  She was amazing.  I learned a lot and she took me to the next level.  So I do see the benefits.  There were also some down sides to this experience.  I had to have a set time to be at her gym.  My schedule is crazy with kids.  I go to the gym when it works for my family, not around a trainer’s availability.  I don’t even like to make excuses, but the reality was my trainer was in her early 20’s trainer others in her early 20’s.  I like to be challenged, but I am 45 years old.  She just didn’t understand what that really means.  I could keep up, but I felt a bit uncomfortable being place in an age group that was not mine.  My body is not that of a 25-year-old.  I have different issues and needs.  At the end of the day, I don’t regret those training sessions, but at the same time it was not the best fit for me.  So maybe I will just keep reading, learning and applying what I know works for me.  At least for right now, I am not going to hire a trainer. 

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