The Truth Can Hurt You Or Set You Free: Which Will It Be?

Recently, I had a very uncomfortable argument with a friend.  Although, in the days to follow, we were able to hash out the dispute and make amends, there is still a feeling of change between us.  When the truth comes out in a fight it changes the dynamics of that relationship.  It happened to be this friend was someone I trusted greatly with the details of my life.  I feel somewhat betrayed when my true intentions were misunderstood and twisted.  When I step away, I know that the situation reflects much more about the other person and not so much about me.  Most of the time, when people be come upset with another, it is more about him or her than the other person.  When you have peace within yourself, the actions and behaviors of others have little to no impact on your serenity.   Never the less, I find myself in a bit of pain knowing that the long time friendship was not what I thought it was.  I mourn a bit at the loss and the revealing of the truth.

On the other hand, the very truth that hurt me is bringing me comfort and joy in other areas of my life.  As I heal from the pain of the discomfort of a close friendship gone wrong, I have seen the truth in another relationship.  Another person showed me compassion and understanding in a way I have never felt.   I, perhaps, did not expect that from this other relationship.  

As I cope with the dark days of feeling the changes in a cherished friendship, I am given an opportunity with another soul to strength and deep a bond.  I have never handled change well, especially when people leave my life.  I am getting better, but I so mourn the loss, just like it was a death of some sort.  Today, I turn my energy and attention to the one that has given me empathy and compassion.  The one that has offered a place of comfort and safety to me.  I am no longer looking to repair, recover or make right the friendship that had obvious flaws.  I am, instead, finding gratitude in a soul connection that offers me unconditional love.  For this person has, too, had conflict with me.  The truth is some relationships foster unconditional love and some do not.  The trick is to learn to recognize the difference.  Do not waste time in situations that require conditions for love. 

I am choosing to allow the truth to set me free.  True happiness and peace resides in relationships of unconditional love.  I am a very lucky woman for I know what that truly is today. 

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