Your Living Space Is Your Escape!

Living Space

Your Living Space Is Your Escape!

I believe strongly that the living space you create is vitally important to your well being.  We live in a very small home built in 1869.  Everything about our house is a small space. I am constantly looking and searching for the best use of space. Our home is not fancy, but I do believe it is a cozy retreat for our family.  Through out the seasons I transform our home to feel festive and warm.  I will be sharing photos of our home throughout the season.  I have just simple ideas on how to add a special touch to any retreat. My home reflects my personality. Your home should reflect your personality, but above all it should provide an escape from the outside world giving a sense of peace and serenity to those who enter it.

Peace, Wellness, & Joy,


livingroom2 livingroom3 livingroom4

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