10 Steps To Begin Losing Weight Today

lovehandlesBy making just 10 easy changes in your eating habits you can jump start lasting weight lost.

1. Ditch Package or Process Foods: What you eat should look as it does in nature. Package foods are filled with sugar, salt and preservatives. None of these additives are good for your body.

2. Ditch The Sugar: Sugar has no redeeming nutritional value. Sugar just converts to fat. Absolutely cut out, sugar filled soda, candy, and baked goods. Watch for hidden sugar added to bread, sauces, soups and dressings. READ LABELS to ensure you are not getting extra sugar in processed food. It has empty calories that we store as fat.

3. Eat Complexed Carbs:
Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and brown rice are all great choices for complex carbs. You want these foods in your body, because they are slower to digest. Simple carbs like pastas, breads and cereals are simple carbs that spike blood sugar levels and convert to fat.

4. Eat Every 3 Hours: Keeping a steady source of energy to your body is important to maintain a healthy weight. These meals should be small, about 200 calories is all you need. Make sure these small meals include a serving of protein and a fruit or vegetable.

5. Eat 5 Servings of Lean Protein Daily: Lean protein is essential to maintaining muscle mass. Muscle mass burns more calories than fat. At age 30, unless we weight train and eat enough lean protein, our muscle mass naturally declines. This is why we easily gain weight as we age. Our muscle mass is no longer burning all the calories of youth. Lean protein includes whey protein, chicken, turkey, eggs and fish. Lean beef is fine, too, in moderation.

6. Limit Dairy Consumption: Dairy has naturally occurring sugar in them. The sugar grams will not appear on labels. Too much dairy will convert into fat. I am very picky about my dairy. I only eat whey protein as my dairy source.

7. Eat Healthy Fats: Good sources of healthy fats are avocados, nuts, olive oil, flax seed oil and coconut oil. You need fats to burn fat. It is a rule of being lean.

8. Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables: You can eat as much of the fruits and veggies you like. When you cut your carb sources fruit and veggie replace breads and cereals. Plus fruits and veggies are a rich source of fiber and vitamins.

9. Drink Healthy Beverages: Give up soda, diet soda and fruit juices. None of these beverages have a positive impact on your health. Instead drink water and herbal teas. The herbal teas can be hot or cold. Many studies have found green tea aids in weight loss.

10: Switch To Stevia: Stevia is an herb that is 100 times sweeter than sugar. It is available in powder or liquid forms for adding to food and recipes. It is a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!

If trying all 10 of these steps seems overwhelming at once, just pick one or two. Even small steps have huge impacts on your body and health.

Peace, Health & Joy,


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