My New Fashion Obession-Scuba Leggings

I have to admit…………. I never heard of scuba leggings until a friend mentioned I would look great in a pair. So I started searching to see what this scuba leggings look like. I am absolutely in love with them! The are so versatile. They can be worn casually, formally or just out for an evening. I will add they are also very warm in comparison to cotton leggings. That is a bonus in the winter climates. These leggings go by several names scuba leggings, liquid leggings and coated leggings. When I texted a friend that I got a pair she started making fun of me, until I sent her the pinterest pix. Her reply was she was going to buy a pair. I just find them to be really fun, even for old girls. : )

How To Wear Liquid Leggings:

Favorite Picks: Click on image to shop

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