13 Signs You Are Ready To Start Your Own Wellness Business

I eagerly opened this seemly a very serious article.  I was thinking could I be ready to have a wellness business? I ended up laughing out loud. I am this person, complete with writing my own blog. My personal favorite is, all is right in the world if I could go to work in my yoga pants!  Anyone that knows me personally will identify with this list of signs completely.  I am almost an evangelist of health and wellness, preaching my learning to the world.laughatyourselfApparently, my close friends and neighbors were not enough of an audience, I felt the need to reach out to the world. I am grateful for the wonderful friends I do have that listen to me as I proclaim the latest health news.  My heart is in the right place. I just want everyone to have the best health possible.  Every once in a while it is good to laugh at yourself. Today was the day.


Peace, Health & Joy,



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