Vanity Plates: What Do They Mean?

plate6As I drove home late one evening, I found myself distracted, as I often do, trying to figure out the meaning of a vanity license plate.  It is a little game I play with myself.  I paused a minute,  then realizing traffic began moving again, what prompts people to have vanity plates?  More importantly, why do we choose the messages displayed?

I can easily answer the meaning of my own vanity plates.   I display proudly, on my suburban mommy, soccer player transportation vehicle, the MUSBUS.  I joked, one day, that I was going to get those plates, after I found myself always with more children than my own in my truck.  I never mind giving others rides. I just began to find it humorous that I always had additional children with me. I began to feel I should be stopping at all railroad crossings and displaying flashing lights as I loaded and unloaded passengers.  I never intended on getting these vanity plates, but the idea amused me. One year for my birthday, my husband announced he did indeed purchase the Musbus plates.  In spite of the fact, I can never travel around without someone spotting me, I find it funny to have these vanity plates.  Others find it fun too.  We have had many a Musbus sighting.  Friends will post pictures on Facebook to claim a MusBus sighting.  When I travel to the town I grew up in, I will receive posts on Facebook the Musbus is in town.  My oldest daughter, when in middle school, had a teacher so amused by the vanity plates he nicknamed her Musbus.  Today, she is just known as Muss by her close friends.  Oh, I should mention Muss is short for our last name of Mussenden.  All in all, we have had great fun with our vanity plates and many laughs with friends.

As I travel around, I wonder why others have the vanity plates they do.  I find myself annoyed if their messages appear encrypted.  I mean, my plate is fun and so easy to figure out.  I have  seen lots of really cute and clever messages over the years.  I see fun ways people display the love of sports teams or their families.  I see lots of grandmothers flashing their love of grandchildren.  There is even the very practical vanity plates that have the monogram of the elderly couple in plain view.  In all seriousness, I can completely identify with that one.  I find myself wander parking lots looking for my vehicle. That vanity plate makes complete sense to me.

But, what about those vanity plates that make no sense at all.  What message is that person sending? I am I suppose to know what it means? Does the person want to be mysterious?  Maybe the vanity plate message is an inside joke.  One thing I know for sure is the roads are full of vehicles sending messages to everyone they pass.  I believe every plate tells a story of some sort.  That story may be one that is meant to be shared or it is private one for only that person to know.   I truly see it as a quiet means of self express.  The vanity plate is a little way to tell the world who you are.  I suppose I will play the license plate game the rest plate1of my life.  I am a curious creator. I so want to know everyone’s story!

Peace, Health & Joy,

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