Part 2 : An Opposing View On “Why Yoga Pants Are Incredibly Dangerous To Today’s Youth.”

For those of you that read the first blog entry titled, “Why Yoga Pants Are Incredibly Dangerous To Today’s Youth. ( is another woman’s point of view,

I found it interesting to see both sides of the coin.  My views are, as with most issues, to each their own.  Being an older girl in this conversation, more accurately stated, a mature woman, I have seen a lot of trends come and go.  When I get up in arms about how today’s youth dress, I simply take trip back to the 1980’s. We may not have worn yoga pants, but our jeans were just as tight, along with our leggings.  We had to lay down on the bed to zip our pants  up, way back in the dark ages. Truthfully, every era in history has fashion that raises eyebrows.

In my opinion, it is everyone’s right to dress as they please.  When I was a young professional teacher, I dressed modestly and professionally. I was still sexually harassed, both verbally and touched  inappropriately in the work place.  I reported the incidents to my principal and my union representative. They were unwilling to confront the man harassing me. I was told to stay away from him or resign.

The lesson I took away was it doesn’t matter how you dress.  There will always be men that objectify women. There will always be people that are ill mannered and rude. There will always be people that refuse to do the right thing.  It doesn’t matter what you wear. It is how society and the media objectify women.  The way a male friend got the man harassing me to stop was by saying to him would  he want his mother, wife or daughter treated like that.  It ended the issue.

If your personal taste is to dress modestly that is your decision. If your personal taste is to dress edgy then express yourself. Just know that what you decide to wear has no impact on the objectifying of women or the rude behavior of some men.  That happened way before your yoga pants.

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